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  • Green Disposables and Custom Branding

    Green Disposables and Custom Branding

    Posted | by Peter Moore

    It's incredible just how far recycling and sustainability efforts have come, and they only continue to get better. While it may have been seen as impractical in the past by the larger public, going green is now not only smart for the environment but a popular and often profitable move as well. If you've been thinking about moving your business into the future, here's why we encourage you to use your...

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  • Health Care Compostables on the Market

    Health Care Compostables on the Market

    Posted | by Peter Moore

    Although EP Distribution/Essential plastics is formidably known as a food service packaging provider, there is much more we can do for you business. Over the past two years we have spent some time and effort on developing another side to our business. Some new areas of exploration for us have included cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and even marijuana packaging. We feel that as a leader in sustainable food packaging we should be...

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