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Posted | by Peter Moore

It's incredible just how far recycling and sustainability efforts have come, and they only continue to get better. While it may have been seen as impractical in the past by the larger public, going green is now not only smart for the environment but a popular and often profitable move as well. If you've been thinking about moving your business into the future, here's why we encourage you to use your own custom branding for your products to increase your customer base. 

Leaving an Imprint 

If you've ever been to a restaurant that uses recyclable/compostable products, you've probably noticed where they proudly proclaim they're made from recycled materials. In the larger cities like Denver, New York and LA, customers definitely sit up and take notice. It may not be the only reason they choose to frequent an establishment, but the particular company becomes imprinted in their mind for at least trying to do the right thing. This idea is slowly becoming more and more important for everyone in the country for every kind of product, and your business should always be in front of changing consumer demands rather than trying to catch up. 

Tips for Custom Printing 

Whether your product is food, beer, or even cosmetics there's a way to brand your recycling or composting efforts. It doesn't have to be flashy, but it does have to be in line with what you want to say about your company. You may want to tie in the design with your own logo or branding techniques. For example, a shampoo company with funny slogans can weave that into showing off their commitment to sustainability. Releasing a compostable or green product without adding in a little marketing personality is certainly still a good idea for the planet, but it definitely limits the impact you'll make with your customers. 

Looking Ahead 

As mentioned, going green is a trend that isn't going anywhere. With the continued research about the environment, it will only become more ubiquitous to see changes being made within companies — and not just the huge conglomerates. Using compostables or recyclables will signal to your customers that you're proactive rather than reactive to changing policies. With the massive amount of attention being placed into the green movement, the methods only continue to get better and more efficient as time goes by. It will inevitably open up new worlds for both customers and businesses alike, and your company would be smart to start incorporating this philosophy sooner rather than later. 

Our Commitment to You 

Essential Plastics/EP Distribution is here to make your custom branding go a little smoother. Standing out with your customers is not easy to do with the marketplace being as competitive as it is, but there are concentrated efforts you can make to remain consistent and unique in their mind. It has always been our belief that there is no better way your show off your brand then by physically putting your logo into the hands of your customers. EP thrives to be an industry leader in the custom print market, so let our company show you how to do it!


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